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We are an authorised partner of Sumuri LLC, providing, among others, dedicated computer forensics software as well as live forensics with particular emphasis on Apple computers.

Paladin LTS.png

PALADIN is an exclusively prepared distribution of Linux which is shared on the basis of donationware licence for law enforcement authorities. It includes over 100 open-source tools as well as PALADIN toolbox allowing for a quick and efficient binary copying of carriers together with an opportunity to convert them into other formats used in computer forensics, enumerating the hash function or making selective copies of files or unallocated space. PALADIN can be installed onto an external USB for quick and easy booting of almost any computer that supports Linux.


CARBON is a solution allowing for an immediate virtualization of most Windows computers and binary copies. It supports BitLocker encryption and enables quick analysis of the content of the device carrier on the spot  without the need to make a binary copy or to disassemble the carrier along with taking screenshots of the analyzed system or video recording of conducted activities. The built-in tools make the work of computer forensics specialists easier and quicker which is crucial in case of time pressure.

Recon ITR.png

RECON ITR is a multifunctional solution which allows to image Mac computers both in live mode and as a bootable medium and allows for the collection of evidence and initial analysis of devices – both running in a standard manner as well as working in Target Disc Mode.  It allows to generate reports on the activities performed while maintaining the appropriate time stamps of the macOS system. It correctly uses Apple’s extended metadata with native macOS libraries as well as enables automatic volatile data collection and analysis of iOS backups.

Recon Lab.png

RECON LAB is a multifunctional tool created for the needs of computer forensics enabling automated analysis of macOS systems, Windows, iOS, Android and Google Takeout. Thanks to automatic parsing of hundreds of artifacts, it enables quick preliminary analysis and the advanced reporting system and makes it possible to present the obtained results in a clear and understandable way, even for those who don’t have any technical knowledge. The software requires  computers with macOS to work.

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